The Bane is one of the donation items for May 2008. This donation item could only be purchased during the months of May/June 2008 for the price of 200 luna in the Donation Shop.

View the other Donation Item for May 2008, Pookie.

Bane was later made into a pet. When registered as a pet, the form is changed and the opportunity for other colors is made possible. This was done in order to update the image to something that matches the site's art style without taking away the original Bane. Because of this, Bane has 10 possible forms plus an egg.

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This item is also a pet.


200 luna


Donation Shop




The bane of all farmers.


May 2008


  • Bane was originally from Torn Faun.
  • Bane was originally released under the name Denver.

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