Emilia Astrovitch claims to be a doctor, but she is not. She was a former student assistant
of Snadien Jaminson at North Sorven Institute of Higher Knowledge. She was brought on to be interviewed by Bill Shuman for Box News. She is completely against Snadien Jaminson and rejects his work, saying he's obsessed with finding new ways to hurt people and weapon technology, and that it was his work that caused issues to her hometown, Sorven.
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Serum TestingEdit

Emilia Astrovitch took it in her own hands and did some testing of her own besides NSIHK's testing using a Majig-a-ma-Angry Kitty. The testing caused it to turn green and grey as opposed to its normal orange and white appearance. The testing was done in a lunar-phase-emulation-machine (LUPEM). On testing a "black cat" (which ended up being a Bane) to see if testing would be the same result with a darker fur color, the testing ended up far worse than the one on a Majig-a-ma-Angry Kitty with the mutation being worse and no longer being with NSIHK. She was not allowed to show the images due to the horrifying mutation that ended up happening.

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