Clay Bostwick: Item Identifier (Runs the Gold Emporium)

Everything of value must go! All items clearanced at low low prices.

The Gold Emporium is generally the cheapest shop in Solia, with all items priced not at exactly 25 Gold, but beginning with 25 as the lowest price. All prices are multiples of 25, for example 250 Gold and 2,500 Gold. Ironically, in the past it's also supplied some of the most expensive store item on Solia.



  • First known as the 25 Gold Store! it was then changed to 25 Gold Emporium. It was changed again later to just Gold Emporium.
The name was meant to mark the store as both the cheapest and most expensive shop on site with all items begining in the number 25. This caused frequent complaints about the name being misleading. Despite the change in name complaints continued and so the 25 was dropped entirely. Though no longer marked as the theme, items continue to be priced starting in 25.

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