Price 3,000 Gold
Shop Professor Jaminson's Lab
Gender Any
Description This serum will grant its user 5x gold on the day of the new moon.
Released October 2008

High Calorie Food Replacement-(serial number)1490 is a serum developed by Snadien Jaminson created for the purpose of aiding the common Solian to get extra nutrients. He created it after a beaker of experimental serum boiled over and spilled into another vial of liquid, which he tested and deemed better than HCFR-983. It needs the light of a new moon to fully activate.

The serum bottle can be held or placed by the feet, or the pendant draped around it can be worn as a necklace. The image for females placing the bottle at their feet is glitched, and will show the HCFR-983 instead.

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