Miko is a hairstyle, costing 1,200 Gold each.


Black MikoBlond MikoHelio Miko

Vicky's SalonEdit

Amber MikoAuburn MikoAzure MikoBlood MikoBlue MikoBubblegum MikoChestnut MikoChocolate MikoCopper MikoDark Brown MikoForest MikoGold MikoGrape MikoGreen MikoGrey MikoIce MikoMaroon MikoMint MikoNavy MikoNougat MikoOrange MikoPeridot MikoPink MikoPurple MikoRed MikoRose MikoSandy MikoSilver MikoSky MikoWhite MikoYellow Miko

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