Solia Online is an online community which opened June 19 2008, created by Dekkard, Iscariot, KawaiiHannah and Turgon. Prior to this, the site was known as TornFaun.

The site's main features are its avatars, in-game currency of Gold, shops and forums, and will soon be extending to games. Each user can customise their own avatar, choosing from different skin tones, eye styles, mouth styles and hair styles, and after earning enough gold can begin buying for different clothes, items and accessories from different virtual shops. Another currency on the site is Luna, which can be bought from the site at 1USD = 100 Luna. Luna can be spent on Monthly Collectables or Yearly Collectables, premium items not available anywhere else that can then be traded between users.



The above is a preview of how TornFaun looked.

Oh, help please, I don't actually know anything about the TornFaun history of the site. ^^;

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