Solian Idol, "where the best get famous and there’s no shortage of verbal abuse", is a competition hosted by Bryan Mac Cloud and judged by Roy Linehan, Phoebe Stargazer and Roc Crater, broadcast as part of Box Network.

2008 competitionEdit

The contest started in October 2008 was to submit a piece of art close to the style of Solia Online for the chance to become a staff member as an artist, and make a new piece every round to match the challenge of other competitors. Smaller contests were to make a set of emoticons for the site, and to make ads to promote the competition. After reading information about it in the announcement, entrants would submit their entries via the e-mail address with Solian Idol in the subject line.

Emoticon voteEdit

On October 31st, Bryan Mac Cloud opened up the voting for the new emoticon set. There were a total of five sets to vote for and a final vote to just keep the current set. The voting closed on November 9th, 2008 with Dawnie and her set of emoticons crowned the winner.

Round oneEdit

On November 28, Solians began voting on the artwork of contestants Cannabliss, Iaven, Luin Sul, Yuki Pandaz, Yanagi-San and silentfiction. The results were:

  1. Iaven - 54%
  2. Yanagi-San - 35%
  3. Luin Sul - 3%
  4. silentfiction - 3%
  5. Cannabliss and Yuki Pandaz - 1% each.

Round twoEdit

Round two began December 17, a little late due to the Box Network having technical problems. As not all the contestants passing the previous round turned in a piece in time, round two was the final round with two contestants, Luin Sul and Yanagi-San, remaining. The theme was to illustrate the action of some of the latest Box News reports featuring Bill Shuman, Candice Stratus, Dr. Emilia Astrovitch and her mutated Majig-a-ma-Angry Kitty.

Item contestEdit

On December 22 Roy Linehan filled in for Bryan Mac Cloud to announce in the Solian Community Discussion about an upcoming contest for Solians to design their own item. Every week there would be a new item design submitted by entrants for voters to choose from. Entrants would submit their idea along with a picture to Roy said "PS: NO DOGS!" at the end of his announcement.

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